Friday, February 27, 2009

Congratulations to Angel, Stephanie and Kayla Martinez on the purchase of their home.

Kayla's not sure if Dad can pull it off Kayla: I'm just suppose to look cute A toast Look, I have a bell! I love apartment living. I love the coziness of it all. Yes, it was a challenge with a growing family but I made it work. With that being said, it cannot compare to the wonderful, awesome feeling of owning your own home. Where I come from, where my family and in-laws come from, home ownership was something your rich uncle did. Then I grew up and learned that with hard work, persistence, faith and good credit I too could be rich. Not monetary rich but rich with pride. Angel and Stephanie come from a generation of kids that understand this concept and serve as a great example. I love these guys and words cannot express how proud I am. God Bless!


Damaris said...

Awesome. Good for them!!! I so understand the concept of having your own house...which in turn becomes your HOME. I grew up knowning that I had to buy my own home when I grew up. My dad instilled that in us as kids. Before I got married, I knew we were purchasing a house and what a great feeling it is to know that it is yours.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Thanks for sharing the happiness!