Monday, February 2, 2009

My Blog is Fabulous!!!!!

This wonderful honor was awarded to me by Ady. A very talented scrapper. And though I may not know her very well, I get the gut feeling she is a great mom and all around great person. Yes, its true, first thing in the morning I get my blog fix and I usually am the first person on. I enjoy reading the life updates, current creations and inspirations of these wonderfully talented bloggers. And in the spirit of the award, I am supposed to admit 5 addictions and name 5 other bloggers whom I think are just as fabulous. 1- I'm addicted to Scrapbooking. 2- I'm addicted to Quilting. 3- I'm addicted to Organizing. 4- I'm addicted to the best show ever, FRIENDS. 5- I'm addicted to BLOGS. I'm nominating the following people because I think they are Fabulous too... Damaris - for her great blog, her passion and for inviting me into her circle of scrappers. Vanessa - for her great blog and awesome talent. Paula - I appreciate the time this lady puts into searching and blogging great crafts spaces. Noell - Ever since I discovered this site I have been hooked. Robyn - Not only is she from my home town and posts fabulous pictures of very familiars spots, she is a very talented scrapper.


Damaris said...

You are a sweetheart!!!! I love your blog...I am more a stalker..he,hee,hee! Your love for your family comes through when you scrapbook and I simply love THAT!!!!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Thanks you for following my blog

Margie said...

Maritza! Haven't seen you in forever (since Ady's party I believe). Hope all is well on your side. Just caught up on your blog. Lots of fun stuff. Hope to see you soon!