Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rough Week with a Sweet Ending

I will spare you the details but long story short my daughter was in a car accident and thank you God she and my grandson are great. A lady ran a stop sign in the shopping plaza where Chris works and hit Chris' car 5 seconds away from work. Her car is totaled and most of Chris' injuries were caused by the wonderful glorious AIR BAG and SEAT BELT. Anyway, we went to Universal yesterday. My niece Sam is in town from NY and I wanted to spend quality time with her. Chris was a trooper and came along for the ride despite her discomfort. Below I share a few of my favorite pictures.


Damaris said...

OMG...Maritza, how scary. Thank God she is alright. On a lighter note, I am so glad you had a great time at Universal. The pics are great. So glad you had a good time.

Ady said...

I'm so happy your daughter is ok. That's some scary stuff. On another note your kids are so much fun. I can totally hang with them. They seem like they are pretty much up for anything. Luv it... Great pics