Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is it Sunday Already?

My grandson is in NY. If you are wondering if I miss him, let me share. Every Sunday morning you can find me in the patio with my laptop. By the time Chris wakes up, I'm done with my 2nd cup of Bustello and ready to play with my Grandson. Well I'm ready but no Dominick. OK I'm crying. Both Fernando and I can here him crying but he's not here. creepy. Anyway, I was browsing through pictures of Dominick and then when I was done going through my 1,000+ I went to Chris and Danny's pictures and found this precious captured moment. I am so scrapping this. I gave myself a break from doing Labor of Love and scrapped this page using my SLICE. I don't have the Cricut or any other electrical die cutting thingamajig so I can't really compare but the SLICE suits me. Its small and portable. I definitely can see myself going broke buying the design cards so I have to hold back. Of course the cards I want are not cheap not even on EBAY. My next card will be the Vintage Findings which so far is priced for 49.99; I DON'T THINK SO.
Then I thought it was time I scrapped this picture that has been on my desk since October. I wanted a groovy mellow feel. What do you think?
My babies will be back on Tuesday. Funny but I cannot imagine life without Danny and Dominick. I'm crying again. WTF!

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Ady said...

Aww, that's so wonderful... I'm sure they miss you like crazy too. Just scrap, that will keep your mind occupied so you won't miss them as much... Beautiful layouts.