Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life - Day 3

Stayed up all night doing a paper
Mom, please wake me up at 8:30 Dishes in the morning Today Show every day Can you believe 1 employee hit another employee's car and ran off and parked somewhere else. Turns out they work in the same department. Awkwardddddddddd
When I can't find parking in the front I walk to this entrance
Down this hallway
Down this hallway
Flowers for Secretary's Luncheon
Thanks for all you do
Dolores, Joan and I set up for the luncheon. Yes, we coordinate the luncheon and work it.
The FOOD was sooooooooooo good.
My work sisters
We raffle off the centerpieces and I WON!!!
Home to my baby
I was planning to walk but I didn't. Instead I'm laying in bed on the computer watching Meet the Browns and House of Payne.

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