Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the Life - Day 4

I will probably find her in the same spot
On the road again... 1963 was a very good year
Not bad timing. It takes me 7 minutes with no traffic to get to work. Yahooooooo, a parking spot close the hospital
Front entrance
My beautiful office. I played a big part designing the space and and picking out the furniture.
I'm the monkey in the middle
mmmmmmmmm left over breakfast from a meeting
Michaels for lunch Looking for a frame to put Dominick's pictures
My desk is out of control
Thanks to my sister Mary for letting me know that my Jason was on the Ellen Show
Dear Lizzy scrapbooking stuff. I think I'll make a mini
Working on Patrick's Farewell Scrapbook which we will present to him tomorrow
Good Night Moon

1 comment:

Damaris said...

Ok, you crack me up. I can not wait to see your completed project. I have been dealing with a sick child....NOT FUN!!!