Sunday, June 6, 2010

Picutre of Day and Other Headlines

This is the 2nd picture of Dominick from his 6 Month photo shoot at Sears. Some of the colors we are working with for Chris' wedding. This is the main topic of our morning conversations. Somehow we are incorporating Teal in this combo. The chairs in the restaurant are teal so instead of fighting it, we're working with it. Stay tuned. No camera; no pictures. I am miserable without my camera so I ordered one. I did a little research and since I am planning to eventually invest in a nice SLR and I really didn't budget for a camera so soon, I bought last year's model of the Canon Powershot A1100IS in my OTHER signature color. Hey it looks good with BLACK. It received excellent reviews and it was only $129 and shipping was free. Stay tuned for my Picture of Day series of Dominick Ray Sanchez.

We still only have the TV in my mother's room so you can find one or all of us in there in case you are looking. Thank God Fernando had his laptop at work so they didn't get it and he has been very generous with it. He knows that I need to get my fix while I'm in bed. Thanks Fern. No news about our stuff. Finalizing the claim and hoping we get a decent return . People - save your receipts and note the serial number of your stuff on it. Hopefully you will never need it but just in case you need to put in a claim for whatever reason.

Passez une bonne semaine!

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Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I READ YOUR BLOG AND I LOVE IT GIRL!!!! (in answer to your previous post about why you bother...) I am so sorry that someone broke in and stole your stuff... that really sucks and it's a pain but you're right -- you have what's important -- each other :) xoxo