Sunday, July 11, 2010

Missing My Baby

I have not seen this face for a week now. Thank God he'll back tomorrow. Dominick went on this first trip to PR with his parents. This picture was taken the day he left. If he could talk, he would say, "Grandma they are making me leave you, it's not my idea. I'll be back soon. I'll bring you pictures of my trip so you can scrap."
Yep, that's what he would say.
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Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

You're too funny!!!! But of course that's what he was thinking... He's such a cutie :) Glad he'll be home very soon!!!! xoxo

Damaris said...

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE WOULD SAY...hee,hee,ha. YOU POOR Grandma....what is wrong with these parents today? Taking their kid away on a vacation so darn far away.... :(
BUT...think about all the pics you will have to scrap. :)
LOL!!! Bet you will have the trumpets out and blowing when he arrives!