Sunday, August 29, 2010

The End of an Era 1965 - 2010

My mother is back to Florida from NY; this is her home now. After 45 years, she has turned in her keys to 244 Bond Street, Apartment 6A in the Gowanus Housing Projects of Brooklyn, New York, where I grew up. When my sister went to make the arrangements the guy at the housing office was nice enough to give her a copy of the original lease from 1965. My mother was pregnant with my 2nd sister Mary who was later born July 5th. My father was making 1.40 an hour. In those days there was a lot of overtime but lets not forget the UNION DUES he had to pay. LOL (private joke) Gowanus is where my 4 sisters, my brother and I grew up in a small little apartment with one bathroom. It’s where we share great memories and some not so great. We spent a lot of time crying but mostly laughing. We learned many life lessons but the most important that I still hold dear to my heart is the one my father taught us; that my sisters are the only friends I will ever need. That still holds true today; they are my bestest friends, my BFFs. Our relationship has gotten us through many difficult times. I know today, that if it wasn’t for my sisters… (wipe away tear) SCENE So many memories come to mind as I type; birthdays, holidays, friends, boyfriends, kids, family, OH MY. Our parties when our parents were out, hallway drama, the ghost from the 6th floor, the times we couldn’t go outside and our friends would sit outside our window and talk to us for hours, our times on the stoops, the steal covered wagon, the colorful horses, the monkey bars, the squares in front of 238, the yellow poles, the makeshift baseball field, the old police station/handball court/make out spot, the benches, Gowanus canal, the OZ, the basketball courts, Halloween and our egg/shaving cream fights, hot summer days and nights with the fire hydrant. It's where I met my husband 33 years ago and my daughters first home. OK that’s it I could go on forever. And last but not least our Friday get-together. Once we were adults, my father, mother along with our husbands and children would gather for mom's good cookin or take out, some laughs and family bonding. Anyway, its over and I think I speak for all of us when I say, Gowanus, thanks for the memories. Yes, you were dangerous and scary at times but you were HOME. You are filled to the brim with good people with hopes and dreams just like any of those other “NICE” neighborhoods. (blow nose) SCENE OK, I'm done.
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Ady said...

ahhh.. what an emotional post but very special. Thank goodness for those memories. D is gorgeous.We miss you...xoxo

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Oh my, how emotional but so many memories to hold onto forever... you need to print out this post and scrap it while it's fresh in your mind... love that you got this all down. Thanks for sharing, my friend. XOXO

P.S. I always wanted a sister and I still wish I had siblings that I grew up with :(