Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dominick's First Birthday Roundup

Dominick's birthday roundup was a success. We had a barbecue with the fixins, games, and of course the cake. And what an amazing cake.
Precious Moment. How cute is this guy. Can you see Woody?
This is "Andy's Bed" made by my very talented daughter. She continues to amaze me with her hidden talents. She made everything but the little guys. How cool.
Cupcake tower made by Stephanie
mmmmmm can't wait for my birthday,,,
The Roundup
more toys from Godfather and Godmother
Musical Chairs
Pie Eating Contest
WOW candy
And until the next birthday, have a wonderful blessed week.


First Birthday party invitations said...

He is really a fan of Toy story! you got a very happy party their young man! Happy birthday!

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