Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little of this and a little bit of that

Picture by Jada

My coworker/friend, Joan, purchased this beautiful Jim Shore Nativity. So for her birthday I made this table runner using the log cabin block. If you are familiar with Jim Shore, you know that his work is adorned with quilt patterns.
Below are a few inspiration pictures for "The Cottage". That's what I call my room.
I bought a white lamp for $10 at Target so I will see what I come up with. I am sure it will not look like this one, since it's a little over the top for me but it's beautiful.
I haven't decided if I'm purchasing from Etsy or going to attempt to make my own.
This is for Cricket but I'm ordering one for my Cuttlebug Etsy
And finally got a few items on my Etsy Shop
Have an awesome week.

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Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

wow - lots of goodies. hey, I saw a lamp that was similar to that pink one at Target yesterday so check it out (in the kids room section-next to the cutest owl pillow!) HUGS!!!