Sunday, February 6, 2011

Game Night

I am not a fan of football but if you can't beat them
you have no choice but to join them.
My first time making Chili. It was pretty darn good.
Not a good night for the Steeler Fans in this house. Sorry Danny : (
but how cool is this room? Until Fern can think of a new name presenting
temporally known as "THE CAVE" more pictures later
I heard the appetizers were good.
Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the awesome food Chris made herself and the presentation was awesome. Hostess with the Mostest. Danny is one lucky guy!
Buffalo boneless chicken wings DOUBLE GOOD
Cheese dip GOOD
Mexican dip GOOD
Mozzarella sticks (she opened the box herself) GOOD and so much more
So many pictures, so little patience LOL
Have a wonderful week!

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Anonymous said...

Same here. Don't watch a game all season but have to watch the super bowl for the commercials and the FOOD. We had seven layer dip, which Jami informed me later that it only had five layers. What the $#@!^&$#!! I still need to address that...Wings and I assisted in making a slammin' buffalo chicken pizza. Oh, and carrots with dip.

Your chili looks delicious. Good times... That's what it's all about, right?