Sunday, June 26, 2011

June has been a very special month for us. On June 3rd my nephew Ralphy graduated from Bronx Community College with his AA. On June 4th my nephew Raymond graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with BA. On the same day, my nephew Corey graduated from Coral Glades High School . June 5th my father Victor turned 70 and on the same day we had Corey ' s graduation party. On June 9th we ALL went to NY for Raymond ' s graduation party on Saturday June 11th. Then on Sunday, June 19th we celebrated Father ' s Day. And the months is not even over yet. Our NY trip was awesome. All my sisters, my brother Luis, in-laws, nieces and nephews and even my brother from another mother was. We had a blast. I got there early on Thursday and helped my sister shop. Friday was another day of shopping and cleaning. Saturday was started by cleaning, setting up, and picking food, party stuff etc. The food was awesome and the weather was perfect. It rain on and off but it only helped to cool off the night and my brilliant sister rented a tent and tables to shelter us all from the rain; very cozy. We were reunited with many family and friends that we haven't seen in years. The next day we cut a cake for my sister Cheeky’s 40th birthday and my father’s 70th. Monday I went to see my in-laws But by far, my favorite part of the whole trip was riding around with my sister Mary. I was reminded of all the beauty that is my hometown, Brooklyn , NY. I got to see a lot of familiar places that was once so mundane but today a thrill. I think we covered a lot of Brooklyn preparing for the party, I.e. BJs, Party City , Supermarkets, driving by the hospital both Mary and I worked at and driving by the hood. We talked and laughed so much; it felt like old times. And when the party was over and we were done with errands, we get up in the morning and have a few cups of coffee and talk then when the timing was right, I reached for a BUD and Mary reached for a Corona and we talked some more. To say that I miss her like crazy doesn ' t sum it up. Mary, I love you and miss you already and next time you go to BJs have a chicken pizza and think of me. We all came back from NY on the Wednesday, June 15th. Since I have been back I have developed a sinus infection and bronchitis but I am heavily medicated and on the road to recovery. Ahhhhhh, so many pictures, so little patience. My camera is not top notch and neither are my skills but still I snap away with a purpose. My purpose is to capture as many moments of my family, my children and especially the little man that fills my heart with unmeasurable joy. So picking out pictures to blog is very time consuming cause I want them all. Here are the few of my favorites that tell the story… Enjoy!


Raymond's Picture here

New York, here we come
We thought this sign was funny Bonnie and Clyde The work begins. Yep, that's Matt 1st of many breaks Saturday, setup begins Party Time, my cousin Ricky and his girlfriend 5 generations of firsborns Shauna came all the way from Long Island and so did Felicia Thriller
Abuelita from the Bronx
the A Team
Let's do the Grandpa dance
I love you guys
Party's over or is it?
game with titi
game with grandpa
the hood
Marisol and Soliel
having fun with the camera timer
new york bagel with cream cheese, yumo
white castles galore
morning with sister mary
Chinese food from new york, delish
brother-in-law ray with his harley
twilight obsession
ok this is embarrassing
and right before heading to the airport
If you've made this far, thanks. This post took me all day. There are some missing pictures but I will update at a later time.
Have a blessed week.


Ady said...

Great post... lots of goodies...

Anonymous said...

Words cannot describe how much I enjoy these pics and blogs before. Thanks Big Sis!!!

BTW...I'll fly in with you when we spend "quality time" with all the sisters.

Love ya!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Wow, what an awesome trip! Looks like a blast :) lots of great photos and memories :)