Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mikey and Julianna's Baby Shower

Let me start by saying that my blog has not been intentionally neglected. My laptop is not doing well and may be on it's way out. : 0
These are iPhone pics. I took nicer pictures but I can't download so for now...
Here is the invite for the shower that I created. I used it as a cover for a mini album so that they can put pictures of the shower.
inside the album
inspiration for the quilt. Mikey painted the room just like this pic.
The Quilt.
Another Cake by Chris. This picture does not do it any justice.
Chris made, bagged, boxed and tied 300 chocolates to make 100 favors. And if that wasn't enough she blinged them too. I did the tags. Hours of work
Chris found the napkins at Party City but they didn't have enough so she called store after store until she found what she needed.
For these guys
Chris made cake pops invitations for my niece's Jada birthday
Chris has become quite the talented party planner. So many talents hidden in one little girl.
Stay tuned for pregnancy Pictures by Chris of my sister Cookie and her boyfriend.

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Ady said...

Hi Maritza, I miss you... I know how you feel about your blog. My computer at home has been down so I haven't been able to blog since Jan. I love all the delicous decorations Chris is creating..