Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week in the Life - Day Six

Today was all about preparing for the Birthday Luau for these ladies; Kayla turning 6 and Sophia 2. Can't believe how much time has passed.

The day started with lots of rain. I made my coffee and read updates of the blogs I follow. Picture #1

Chris spent most of the morning putting the finishing touches on the cake. I don't have a favorite but this one is up there. The details are amazing; palm trees, tiki torches, drinks on a tray, hibiscus flowers, surf board, turtle and even tanning lotion. The girls had flowers in their hair and hula skirts. OK maybe this one is my favorite but the animal theme baby shower cake is definitely second or maybe the Andy's bed from Toy Story; not sure.

I really had wanted to make the girls purses with their initials and as usual I procrastinated. This morning I opted to make the bags instead of cleaning. Picture #4

Before I realized it was time to head out to the party which was only a few blocks away. Dom was ready and waiting by the door. #2

As usual Matthew was having fun and entertaining. Picture #5

Dominick was having a ball with this kid. He name was Bruce Wayne. For those of you who don't know, Danny is a HUGE fan of Batman. Picture #6

The entertainment was 2 very talented ladies dancing the Polynesian dances while Dom watched. Picture #7 &#8
It was an awesome party. We thought it would rain butit stopped and never started up again. The music by Danny was great as usual.

Goodnight day six.

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