Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ali Edwards

I finally started reading Ali Edwards' blog. I've heard so many good things about it. It's awesome. Really motivating and inspirational. Makes make want to find a field of flowers and skip. LOL. I went way back to the beginning (not done yet). How can one person blog almost daily and have so much great stuff to say. I have a hard time with a freakin paragraph. I get a little paranoid. Do I sound stupid? Am I saying too much? Who really cares what I have to say? I use to keep a journal since I was a kid. Then I stopped when I realized I only journaled when I was upset or depressed. Who wants to read that? I want to start journaling again but because I'm happy. I want to leave behind something my daughter/son can pick up and smile (or in my daughter's bawl) and think of our good times and good conversations. blah blah blah enough for now. later


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Hey Maritza,

I'm so glad we got to meet in person!!! It was so much fun. I hope you will join us again soon... Thanks for leaving comments on my blog :-) Have a great time on your vacation!!! HUGS!!!

Ady said...

Maritza, this post is too funny... I actually posted about the same thing today. What a coincidence.

Dayami said...

Hi Maritza,
I know exactly what you mean. She must have one ACTIVE mind. She is awesome though.
Anyway, loving your blog too.
Dayami :)

Damaris said...

Hey girl. Funny, I feel the same way about the journaling but in my albums. My family and friends normally tell me that I tend to journal "books" since I journal so much in my scrapbooks. I feel that it is so important to write down your feelings, thoughts, wishes and dreams. It is a double blessing to pick up and album and see pictures AND A STORY all in the same place. I love that!