Monday, July 28, 2008

Prep is part of the fun!

6 more days before we start our vacation. My sister Cindy, her 2kids and my family will be traveling to South Carolina to meet my other 3 sisters from up North. It's our mid point. We rented two houses by the lake. The houses are loaded with stuff to do with 2 game rooms equipped with pool, hockey and fooseball tables, 2 pools and big screen TVs. We rented a boat for 2 days for some fishing, water skiing etc. I CAN'T WAIT. Of course, I have a lunch and dinner cooking schedule, cleanup schedule and grocery list ready to go. I am soooo ready. I'm even looking forward to the 9 hour ride. We have the license plate game and Trivia ready for the ride. I love traveling with my kids. At 20 and 17, I love that they still get so excited to travel and visit family. They are so sweet when they are sleeping. They are so funny and have me laughing for most of the ride when they are awake. But after 3 hours, they start annoying the sh_t out of me with the infamous question "are we there yet? Or the more recent annoying question "can I drive now. It's my turn" God, Where did the time go? Anywayyyy,

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Ady said...

Ah... That's so awesome that your kids still love to hang out with you. I hope my son does too when he's that age... Have fun and take lots of pictures. We'll make a scrap date when we all get back from vacation.