Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week in the Life - Day 6

This is how I started my morning. I got to play with this guy while Chris went to work.
Check out his Nikes Some play time Cuddle time Feeding/sleepy time. I recorded him while he drank his milk (check My YouTube). He makes this beauitful humming sound when he's drinking/sleeping and I wanted to remember forever.
Laundry time
Guess who's up
and before you know it's feeding time again
After his cereal and a poopy diaper we needed a bath.
How cute is this outfit. WE loves the monkeys
Come here George
And when he finally got a hold of George they played until it was time to nap with Doggy.
My mom left for 2 weeks to Orlando to visit her sister so I cleaned her room...
Good bye mom, hello scrappy time
Daddy's home, my shift is is over
I love this little machine. Oh, and I finally got my Vintage Findings Design Card
And finally a LO of course of Dominick
Goodnight all. I'm in my room watching Michael with John Travolta doing his dance to Chain of Fools, Chain, Chain, Chain. I love that guy. One more day and Week in the Life will be over. I know you will miss reading about my day to day crap. Hey you could just delete.

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