Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life - Day 7

Time to start another day Must get banana He loves these guys He likes the spoon better than the cereal
Cookie off to her cruise
Some inspiration from Ali Edwards by the pool
Where did they learn to play?????
Not so healthy dinner WHATEVER it was goodddddddd. Yes, I like my rice with ketchup and hot sauce. Don't judge me.
Bath time
Run away baby
I love my tio
Some LOs
We watched Blind Side. Of course I cried. It was a great movie and a beautiful story. I can't help thinking about my brother Luis...
Last day for Week in he Life. I will definitely do this again in a few months. It was fun and great project to document Dominick's first year and of course the first chapter to my novel. LOL


Ady said...

Great pictures Maritza... I did the project but I had no energy to post it on my blog. I hope to start working on it today...

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I LOVE your week in the life photos. Great documentation :) Thanks for hsaring! You really captured quite a bit!!! HUGS!!!

P.S. I never got your mailing address - can you please email it to me? Thx :)

Damaris said...

Hey, I am not going to judge you about the rice and ketchup...because I can NOT eat a pastel without HEINZ KETCHUP Gir...I feel you..LOL>