Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life is Good

My Saturday started watching Dominick in his swimming class. He is doing so well. Today Chris dropped him in the pool and he instinctively turns his face up and starts to float to the edge of the pool to safety. That his instructor, Ms. Laurie, next to them. She is awesome. Chris had a bachlorette with her husband in the wings waiting to assist. What a good husband. I get to take this guy home. This is him singing his ABCs.
Dinner for two
Bubble bath time
some creative time
milk and bed time
Up at 7:00. He starts his morning with a game of golf and
some basketball
I could not resist these toes
some more creative time
breakfast. Is it just me or his this kid amazing. See how the forks goes straight for his mouth
finally a nap
No more pics. After his nap Grandpa took him to the park.
Pictures cannot capture his irresistible personality. I stare at him and I still cannot believe we are blessed with his sweet face. Thank you God for my Dommy

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