Monday, July 18, 2011

20 Months

I stopped blogging monthly updates and I'm so sorry I did. I want to remember everything and lets face it, my memory is not getting any better. I love being a Grandma. Its a third chance for me. This time I will take my time. I will not worry about dishes or laundry. I will let him make a mess (within reason, I'm not crazy), he can take all his toys out, he can eat cookies but no soda and watch TV but he can't play with Nana's computer.
At 20 months
  • he can sing his ABCs and happy birthday
  • he can eat with a fork
  • he can hold a crayon and scribble in his coloring book . If you ever gave a 1 year old a crayon you know this is huge
  • he can make baskets in his basketball hoop
  • he knows all his body parts by name
  • he repeats what you say, clearly. so be careful.
  • he can count his toes
  • he can open the pantry and help himself to cookies
  • he can float in the pool with assistance, find the wall and slide like a monkey until he reaches the steps. that's the song his swimming teacher sings. It’s a very catchy tune.
  • he loves bubbles, basketball
  • when he goes outside he's always trying to get the basketball to play like the big kids
  • he loves music and he pumps his little arms whenever he hears it
  • he knows how to turn on his dad's IPHONE and make calls and slide to the next screen. No lie, one day I received a call from him on my cell at work. I didn't answer so he called my job. Coincidence????
  • he can make me stare at him in amazement
  • this kid cracks me up. He is funny, charming and a flirt.

What can I say, he completes me.

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