Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in the Life - Day Four

Slept like a baby. Nyquil goooood. Already feeling better. Thank you God for Z-Pak

Today was my bosses birthday. 55 years old and she looks like she's 40. Beautiful lady inside and out.

While waiting at the checkout, I looked over to the side and saw that dog food was on sale and for a second I wondered if Sheena needed any and then I remembered.  I cried right their on the line. Very hard to hide when you can't breath.

Went to see mom. It was just her and I; it was nice. I cleaned her room. Organized her stuff , chatted and watched novelas. I think I'm getting hooked. Ay Dios Mio! That's mom throwing a kiss, LOL.

While Chris preps her cake for Kayla and Sophia, I was in the cottage finishing up the tags and working on the banner for their party. It's been a while since I spend an evening in their. I haven't been in the mood to craft or sew unless I have to. It felt great. I pray for my mojo to come back.

Peace out day four.

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