Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary

I'm in to mini albums lately so naturally the mini I'm working on now is my cruise mini.  Bathroom reno not my priority anymore.  This blog confirmed a lot of the way I was thinking while putting my book together. My goal was to keep it simple and to use what I had. But because everything has to match, yes, this trait of mine gets on my nerves too, I purchased a digital cruise kit for only 2.99.  The boat color was my inspiration. I plan on taking my book with me and a few supplies. It's not a long trip and I'm sure the last thing Fern wants is for me to scrapbook but it's more about capturing the moments and glueing them down while they are fresh and not putting them in my really big pile of stu.ff I never get to.
Too many ideas for the cover to glue any of them down yet
 I have four of these dividers for each day of the cruise. This is the front

this is the back.

I plan to make a few tags for each divider. Following each divider are a few pages for journaling and pictures. Pages are made from kraft paper I had from JoAnns and some textured paper I got for free a few years back from an Scrapbooking Expo. I am determined to use what I have.  Hey, It's a short cruise but I might have a lot to say LOL

Reno Update,  progress is slow but steady.

Game before the game

Have a great week

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