Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday to our Superhero

Dominick has his father's love for sports and smile. He idolizes him and glows when he walks in the door. He adores his mother. She spends the day teaching him his ABC's, numbers, shapes and colors.  He loves his family especially his new cousin Mattie. He says please, thank you and may I please. He is smart and funny and brightens our every waking moment. 
Invite created by Chris
 Chris created this scene for him. She spent hours cutting all the shapes.
Amazing Cake by Chrissy. She said this is her favorite so far.
She baked and free hand the cookies too.
cupcakes created by Jada. She baked and dyed all the colors to coordinate with each superhero.
 super water. makes you strong

One of his many outfits for the day
 of course a Batman bounce house
his super parents
 Just hanging around with Pepa
Kayla and Sophia were Bat girls with yellow and black tutus and Batman sign on the leotard. So cool.
Of course Hero sandwiches
 pie eating
musical chairs
 picture scene
If you havnt guess it the theme was super heros. Most of the guests were dressed with super hero tee shirts. Amazing party with too many details to capture. Great job Chris.

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