Friday, September 25, 2015

I'm Alive!

A little update

I sold my house and moved into a condo and I love it.  We gutted the condo with the exception of the bathrooms that were dated but decent. Pretty much everything we just did to the house we did to the Condo.  Same ceilings, walls, floors and lastly the kitchen. No regrets, just less space.

But more importantly updates on my boys

Dominick will be 6 in November and started Kindergarten this August.

and Adrian will be 1 in October. He's just like his daddy.

I still scrapbook and quilt but not as much because my room looks like this

and in case you didn't see this picture.
This is a still from a video of Derek Hough giving me a shout out.

Matthew works at the Hilton Boca Resort and he was a judge that day.

In case you were wondering why I stopped blogging, it's because my laptop crashed and I never replaced it. I hope to remedy that soon.

Until the next time

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